7 ways to give that aren't just donating money (although we’d appreciate that too!)

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October 07, 2020 Anna Beard

As a charity, a lot of what makes our world go around is the support we receive from the community – but there’s a misconception that to help a charity you need to donate money. We’re here to dispel the rumours, and show you # ways you can support us without donating money! Unless you want to, in which case you can donate here.

1. Be our biggest fans

If you feel passionately about us, making people aware of what we do and why you love us is a great way to get more money flowing our way. 

We need you guys to be out there as our raving fans, and it’s as simple as liking, commenting and sharing our Facebook & Instagram posts, or sharing our blog posts with your friends. It’s as easy as clicking a button but it can help our organisation in more ways than we could count.

2. Volunteer your expertise

If you have a special skill — such as writing, IT, social media, or photography — consider offering your services pro bono. If you have skills in an industry or area that you think would benefit our organisation, even in some small way, we would love to hear from you and see how we can get you on board!

3. Be an advocate

Learn more about what life is like for young women by reading our Insights Reports. They highlight the top issues affecting young women in Aotearoa New Zealand. Share them on social media and bring attention to the key interventions and solutions we recommend so we can all better support our young women.

4. Stay or recommend our Hostel

Our 171-room hostel located at 103 Vincent Street fulfils two purposes: it provides safe accommodation (with three female-only floors) in central Auckland, and it provides revenue that covers the operational costs of our community programmes. It’s a slice of home in the CBD with the loveliest staff and excellent vibes

5. Become a member of the Y

Add your voice to ours and endorse the work we do in the community. We rely on our membership to form a vital link between the community and our programmes, sign up here.

6. Encourage your organisation to get the GenderTick™

An organisation that has the GenderTick demonstrates its commitment to gender equity and provides a safer environment for current employees whilst attracting future employees. You can talk to your boss or HR department about the GenderTick or get one of our GenderTick™ gurus to come and have a chat.

7. Raise funds

If you can’t afford to give money regularly, perhaps someone else can. You can raise funds for the Y in many ways—by organising a local collection, gathering birthday donations, sharing our appeals on social media, or participating in a sponsored walk/run/jump out of a plane. If you have a network of caring people and some hustle, you can raise a hefty donation. You can set up a fundraising page through Givealittle or other online fundraising platforms making it easy for you to organise.


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