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What is life really like for young women in Aotearoa NZ?

With our Insights work, we are looking into what life is like for young women living in Aotearoa New Zealand today, topic by topic. Using an explicitly feminist and intersectional lens, we aim to highlight the top issues affecting young women in Aotearoa New Zealand within that particular topic and offer key interventions and solutions that can be done on an organisational and an individual level.

How do young women feel about their Bodies

Young women live in a world ideally primed for body obsession. Social media keeps us hooked into a validation trap hinged on images. There is much we can do to fight back against the culture of body dissatisfaction and systems that profit from it. Action can be taken from the individual and community level right through to the regulatory, education, industry and public health level.

Our Anxious Young Women

Young women in Aotearoa New Zealand are under more pressure than ever before and their mental health is suffering as a result. Anxiety disorders for girls and women are on the rise - what's going on?

Young Women and Disability

1 in 4 women and girls in Aotearoa New Zealand live with a disability and they often face a triple whammy of discrimination: as women, as disabled people, and as young people.

Period Poverty

Access to education should not be determined by a child’s gender, yet almost a quarter of New Zealand women have missed school or work because they have been unable to afford sanitary items. When it comes to menstruation, there is shame, fear, and embarrassment - all can disrupt an individual's ability to participate fully in life.

Voices of Young Women

The HerStory 2017 report responds to a gap in research in Aotearoa, which often generalises the voices of young women between the age of 15 and 30. We believe that young women in different age groups face different challenges and opportunities. This report presents some of these nuances in the experiences of young women.

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