Why young women should vote

I refuse to sit by and let others determine how I’m going to live my life


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September 18, 2020 Ruby Janssen

It’s hard not to be proud of suffragettes in Aotearoa when you remember that 127 years ago they won the right for women to vote, making Aotearoa the first country in the world to do so. The women that came before us started a journey that we have a duty to continue. One of the most powerful tools we have to aid this journey is our vote, particularly as young women. Our vote influences our future and the society we will live in; our vote gives us the opportunity to choose the circumstances in which we find ourselves. 

As it stands our future is looking… complicated.

We have just entered a recession due to a pandemic that, in New Zealand, has disproportionately impacted women. Jobs in female dominated industries such as tourism and hospitality have been amongst the hardest hit. Not only this, but the government’s response to COVID-19 has seen investment in recovery go towards projects in heavily male dominated industries such as trades and engineering. Gender inequality is set to take a step back if we don’t intervene. 

I refuse to sit by and let others determine how I’m going to live my life. I’ll be voting this October for a government that not only considers gender equity when making decisions but proactively seeks out opportunities to level the playing field for all genders. How are you going to use your vote to continue the journey women are on?

See you at the voting booths!

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