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Meet the #YSQUAD

Angela Barnett

Founder of Pretty Smart, Angela is a mother of two, a wacky hats and wig lover and a senior marketing communications professional with extensive experience that includes the launch of 42 Below vodka. She is a sought after freelance writer and is passionate about young women’s body confidence. Angela is responsible for partnerships and sponsorship revenue at the Y.

Anna Beard

This is our Insights Specialist Anna, she's been working for the Y for many years and always turns up in the office with style. Gender equality & social justice has been her passion for as long as she can remember and she loves having the opportunity to put her strong feminism at the heart of her work. A self-described "non-profit tragic", she has 15 years of experience in fundraising & communications and has recently stepped into the advocacy & policy space. She's a Member of the NCW Auckland Executive and the Chair of Women's Health Action.

Dellwyn Stuart

Dellwyn is our fearless leader. She's passionate about gender equality and wants to amplify the voices of young women as New Zealand moves to more equitable outcomes for all its people and embraces the changes that will face us this century. She has 30 year’s experience in corporate and private business, has led a family foundation (the Stevenson Foundation) and a major charity (Cure Kids). Among her governance roles she has served on the Board of Philanthropy NZ. In 2017, Dellwyn founded New Zealand’s first Women’s Fund, bringing an idea to New Zealand that is mobilising women around the world.

Gyllian Falute Taei

Gyllian is our Digital Communications Specialist. Gyllian is afakasi Samoan and New Zealand, European but grew up in Samoa. She is a recent graduate from AUT and we are excited to have her on board. Watch this space!

Grace Ting

Meet Grace our Operations and Finance Manager. She wants women to feel safe wherever they are in their homes, workplace, public places and while travelling. This was the only job she applied for when she moved to Auckland from Christchurch. She believes that God put her in the organisation for a reason. "I still don’t know what the reason is but I enjoy working here. There are things that clash with my Christian beliefs but, in general, we are working towards creating a better tomorrow for women and I am all for that."

Kaisa Wilson

Kaisa developed our GenderTick accreditation for the workplace and works to get more NZ organisations on board as GenderTick members. She would like to see the unpaid labour predominantly done by women (that will in turn fall to our daughters to do instead of our sons) recognised, supported, paid and shared. She also runs workplace workshops on topics such as Gender Backlash and contributes to our advocacy efforts.

Kerry Barnett

Kerry, in her own words, ‘gives a f**k, every single day’. She is funny, colourful, clever, very generous with her time and is exactly what all the residents need to keep calm in a crisis. But if you tell Kerry Barnett any of that you can guess what she’ll say (not very quietly). “Load of Tosh!”

Valerie Bold

Valerie is the glue that keeps the team together!

You can make a difference in the lives of young women and girls today

Many of our young women are still marginalised, living in a system where they face multiple challenges. We need your help to even up the playing field.