Our volunteers make a real difference to the work we do in the community and our programmes.  We have a number of volunteer positions from mentors to receptionists, fundraisers to board members. We also appreciate any help with developing and/or managing our programmes and events. 


Add your voice to ours and endorse the work we do in the community.  Our members form a vital link between the community, our programmes and our governance. Your membership supports the work of the YWCA and its commitment to empowering women.  You can choose to become a member of the YWCA of Aotearoa New Zealand or any of the local YWCA Member Associations.  Your YWCA membership is renewed every 12 months, which means that each year you are part of the largest women’s membership organisation in the world.


We are always grateful to receive donations from individuals and organisations who wish to support our work. Your donation allows the YWCA to continue to provide services and programmes that support young women around Aotearoa New Zealand. Your donation can be for any amount and may be used for general purposes or to support a local programme/service of your choice. Donations over $5 qualify for a tax deduction. We thank you for your generous support – every contribution counts!



We seek active partnerships with likeminded groups and organisations to provide a particular service or programme in the community, or within your organisation.  Your support of the YWCA empowers women and strengthens communities

Tangible benefits of a partnership with the YWCA Aotearoa New Zealand include:

  • Promotion of organisation name and association with the sponsored project
  • Networking with other corporate partners and businesses
  • Marketing and branding value
  • Demonstrating your community commitment

Companies can contribute to the YWCA by:

  • Developing cause related marketing campaigns
  • Offering Gifts in Kind
  • Offering technical and specialist advice to our volunteers and staff
  • Contributing financially to programs and services


A bequest is a special gift you can include in your Will, which can make a significant and lasting difference in the lives of young women.  The money you decide to leave can be used in any way you would prefer. Maybe you would like to nominate a YWCA programme or project that is of interest to you.  You may choose to leave funding for the ongoing organisational work, for research, or for new programme development. Some people share their estate between a number of people and charitable organisations.  They find that a percentage for each allows for inflation or possible changes in their estate. You can also leave a specific amount of money or the residue of your estate after you have made provision for your friends and family. Your independent legal advisor can help you find the right words to make sure your wishes are prepared appropriately.