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A Lasting Gift

Making provision in your Will to donate to YWCA Auckland is a way to make a lasting legacy gift to future generations of young women and their communities.  You can be certain that your generosity will help make a real difference in young women’s lives for many years to come.

By including a bequest in your Will, you have the option of leaving a specific amount, an item or a percentage of your estate to YWCA Auckland. You can choose to leave your bequest freely so that YWCA Auckland can apply the funds in the areas where they are most needed, or you can specify where and how you would like the bequest to be used.

YWCA Auckland & You – Together, building a better future for young women

Why make a Bequest to YWCA Auckland?

  • YWCA Auckland has a long history and a bright future. Our community programmes are well researched, needs-based and have made a difference in the lives of many women.
  • YWCA Auckland practises exemplary financial stewardship, with sound financial practices and a high level of accountability to all our stakeholders.
  • Remembering YWCA Auckland in your Will means you are helping the largest and most well-established women’s organisation in the world to assist women from all walks of life, well into the future. It will help to ensure that we can continue to make a difference in young women’s lives for many years to come
  • As women, we have the opportunity to help younger women gain access to the same opportunities that we have had in our lives
  • Leaving a bequest in your Will is a way of supporting YWCA Auckland into the future that won’t affect your daily cash flow today

How to include the YWCA Auckland in your Will

First step: Talk to your legal advisor

You can write a Will or make changes to your Will on your own, without professional advice, but because it is a legal document, just one mistake can render it invalid. We urge you to seek independent legal advice. Your legal advisor will answer all your questions and ensure that your wishes are accurately and legally recorded.

Types of Bequests

  • Residue of the estate
  • A specific sum
  • A specific gift – property, art, furniture etc.
  • % of the Estate
  • Combination of the above

Many people share their estate between a number of people and charitable organisations. They find that designating a percentage for each allows for inflation or possible changes to their estate. Others leave a specific amount of money or the residue of their estate after they have made provision for their family. Some people donate something they own, like a car or their home. Others leave a paid-up life insurance policy, securities, retirement account or other financial investment.

Adjusting your current Will to include the YWCA Auckland

Changing your Will to include the YWCA Auckland is quick and easy. Your legal advisor simply needs to add a codicil (which basically means an amendment) to your existing Will.  Again, we urge you to seek independent legal advice.

Here is an example of how a bequest to the YWCA Auckland may be worded:

“I give and bequeath to the Auckland Young Women’s Christian Association Incorporated, for the general purposes of the Association, the sum of $____ , or ___ % of the value of my estate, or the residue of my estate after all prior provision has been met, or the following property or assets ___________ , and I declare that the receipt of the Executive Director or other appropriate officer shall be full and sufficient discharge for my Trustee(s).”

Please let us say thank you

We understand that making a will is a very personal matter. Letting us know your intention to make YWCA Auckland one of your beneficiaries would be of assistance to our future planning. We would very much like the opportunity to thank you for your intended gift during your lifetime. It would also – with your consent – provide an opportunity to recognise your generosity.

For more information, please contact us.