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Healthy eating in lockdown


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April 16, 2020 Abigail Uttley

During this time of uncertainty and depleted supermarket shelves, it can be difficult to think of ideas for wholesome meals and snacks. Community dietitian, Emily Flett recommends six easy-to-follow recipes, with accessible ingredients, to try in our respective isolation bubbles. 

Emily writes of these recipes and their respective ingredients: 

“Most are based on frozen or canned items, which usually have a long shelf life, with minimal visits to the supermarket.

It is important to still eat well during this time period, but don’t feel guilty if  there is more comfort eating, unstructured meal times, more chocolate etc in your household.

However, it is helpful to still maintain a semi-balanced diet, and try to stick to meal times as much as possible to keep some structure around main meals and snacking. Unless medically necessary, people shouldn’t feel the need to diet or stick to a strict meal plan. Eating together as a family and making the most of food availability is more important. Preparing a stocktake of what you do have in the pantry or fridge/freezer, and writing a shopping list before you shop, is important for meal planning and staying within budget. Making the most of your slow cooker and freezer-friendly meals can also ensure well-balanced and comforting meals for future use.”

Banana Oat Pancakes:

These have been described as the best gluten-free pancakes ever! Simple ingredients are blended together to create healthy, light, and perfectly sweetened oatmeal pancakes. 


Chunky Vegetable and Barley Soup:

Paired with garlic sourdough croutons, this scrumptious recipe is dairy free, gluten free, diabetes friendly and kid friendly. Making it the perfect autumn/winter warmer for the entire family!


Vegan Lentil ‘Meatloaf’:

This vegan take on the classic meatloaf utilises the goodness of lentils, quinoa and oats for a fibre and iron-rich recipe. Plus, you’ll get five of your vege servings in one satisfying meal!


Crockpot Moroccan Chickpea Stew 

Cosy up for the upcoming winter months with this Crockpot Moroccan Chickpea Stew. You can enjoy it on its own or with some basmati rice.


Pumpkin, Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni:

This is a delicious vegetarian and diabetes friendly recipe that is high in fibre and calcium. Packed full of vegetables, it makes for a healthy, warming lunch or dinner.


Flourless Treats:

Baking options  you can create to restock your depleted ‘treats’ section of your cupboard


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