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Healthy lives through good nutrition


April 15, 2020 Abigail Uttley

Emily Flett is a community dietitian, currently working at Waitemata DHB as an essential worker during the Covid-19 Level 4 lockdown in New Zealand. Emily holds a Bachelor of Science, majoring in human nutrition and a Masters in Dietetics, which she successfully obtained through 5 years of intense study at Otago University. 

Recently, we had the opportunity to ask Emily a few questions about her job as a dietitian and her passion for helping people lead healthy lives…

When did you first realise that you wanted to become a dietitian? 

My love of health, nutrition and well-being was sparked during my gap year and this steered me towards Otago University’s beautiful campus. Through my studies, I developed a passion for helping people from all walks of life care for their body, through eating nutritious food. 

What does your role as a dietician involve? 

My role as a dietitian encourages and educates individuals on how to create a healthy link between their food and well-being. It requires me to be a problem solver, as I investigate and resolve various individuals’ problems with eating. My role has also involved visiting homes of the elderly and those with disabilities, to give nutrition support and help with tube feeding. 

Outside of your current role at Waitemata DHB, what other areas have you explored through your chosen field of work? 

I have worked as a diabetes educator, helping with healthy eating and lifestyle changes. I also volunteered in Samoa - where I taught in primary schools the importance of eating nutritious food. 

What is your favourite part about being a dietician? 

Being able to help the most vulnerable, such as the elderley, those with disabilities and illnesses, through eating in a way that enhances their quality of life. This is both a big responsibility and a privilege to me.

I believe that eating and enjoying food with others is a big part of our culture, and accordingly plays a vital role in our well being.

So, it is an honour being able to help people fit into that.

Emily has kindly recommended 6 awesome recipes for us to try in our respective isolation bubbles. These will be posted up in one of our upcoming blogs. 

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