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August 09, 2021 Rachel Cleary

Where did you grow up and what’s your best memory of that place

On my Granny and Poppas farm, there were large glass houses full of orchids and tomatoes - I used to sneak in and pick the tomatoes off the vine and eat them like apples.   My grandparents used to pretend they didn’t see me do it, but they definitely did lol  

If you could give your younger self (aged 18 or 21) some advice what would it be?

It’s going to get better and at times it’s going to get worse.   Kia kaha - you’ve got this.  I’m really proud of you and the woman you’ll become x

What would you like to see changed, for the better, for all women?

I’d like to see us all (every gender) have an underlying sense of security.   I’ve had enough of carrying keys between my fingers while I walk down a dark street, wondering if my nieces and nephews will ever be able to afford a home and watching as victims are blamed for heinous behaviour.

Can you share a time or moment when you felt unstoppable/invincible/on fire (and why)?                    

It was my birthday, I had spent the day in an ethics class (summer school) that had dropped emotional bombs and fired me up!  On a street corner I bumped into a friend and shared about my day and intention to see the world become a better place, they me told that changing the world wasn’t ever going to be something attainable and I knew that they were WRONG, all big changes come from a few fed up people, befriending more fed up people!  

Can you tell us why you joined the Y?          

I’ve met a series of badass babes that have come through (and currently work at) the Y, I suspect this was always a ‘when’ not an ‘if’!

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