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April 20, 2020 Susanne Axelsson

Like all many of us, ever since the COVID 19 pandemic was announced and lockdown life began, here are the Y we’ve been through a massive period of uncertainty, change and (if we’re being real) anxiety. But the most pressing question we were all grappling with was how do we help our young women in a meaningful way when we can’t even leave the house? 

And the Quarantine Daze podcast was born, a collaboration between TV presenter/media personality and YWCA Youth Ambassador Verity Johnson and the YWCA. The idea was that we could create this new podcast to be the supportive big sister to all our wāhine out there going through new challenges in these crazy times. 

The podcast both entertains and informs, it’s a helpful source of advice but also a comforting distraction, suited for a time when none of us know whether we want to laugh, cry, all spend all day in our PJs. 

It covers every challenge of the ‘new normal’ life under lockdown and post pandemic. Featuring everything from how not to drive yourself insane with boredom, to focussing during a crisis, to financial first aid, to what to do now your plans for the future have gone up in smoke. 

“It’s pretty honest,” says host Verity Johnson, “I wanted to make something where we could have relatable discussions. Because there’s a lot of content out there telling you how to be right now, and a lot of it is totally unrealistic.” 

Quarantine Daze is the antithesis of that, calling bs on everything from fake news to influencers shaming you for not baking enough bread. “It’s there to make you laugh, smile, cry a little bit and also just be that voice of calm support for when you need it,” says Verity. 

Quarantine Daze is published on Spotify & Apple Podcasts or listen to it in SoundCloud.

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