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April 30, 2020 Ranisha Chand

Have you ever thought why are these people going crazy about being so productive during a lockdown? Well, I do every single day. It is amusing to see so many people chanting about being productive while I'm barely living a sane life as it is already hard to cope during a crisis.

Firstly let's talk about the pandemic itself. I check the news every morning when I wake up and it is heartbreaking to see how many people are affected by this pandemic. So there goes in my morning feeling sad and depressed. This pandemic has put us in an unwanted territory and pushed the boundaries of our well-being. I started University this year and online studies have drained me mentally and emotionally. It is so hard to keep up everything. Trying to balance my studies and a healthy well-being is a challenge within itself all thanks to this pandemic.

Distractions play a huge part in not being able to be productive like the world wants us to be. We all love our family, but they can be our biggest distractions sometimes. Like my little brother thinks it is funny to tickle my foot while I'm trying to watch a lecture. Social media are another distraction. You are trying to do a worksheet on your device and your notification just wouldn't stop pinging and you cannot turn it off either as your life depends on that very device. The temptation of opening that notification is real and I salute you if the temptation doesn't faze you.

Moving on to procrastination, during this lockdown has there been a day when you have planned out your whole schedule the night before and are set to mark off your to-do list? Well, I do every night. I made a list to work on the following day. However, not every day is productive like the other days. Sometimes while watching the online tutorial I zone out. I think of how it has been the longest number of days for me to go without KFC. Or think about how my eyebrows will meet my hair soon. Or even just reliving the memories when I was free to go wherever I want. Trust me procrastination is a very deadly habit, it can keep you occupied for hours or even days.

To be very honest productivity is something that makes us feel better about ourselves if we are productive and shit if we are not. It is ridiculous to see the different types of cookies people bake each day to make themselves look productive, like if you can then good on you but the pressure is real folks. In this whirlwind of a pandemic, life has taken drastic changes that we don't like, and sadly it is what it is. I don't want to think about how much people expect me to be productive anymore. So rather than focusing on the chaos around me, I have decided to focus on myself. I don't mind being distracted, I don't care if I am procrastinating. All I want to do is to pray for the people affected by this pandemic, spend time with my family and lastly have a healthy well-being. So productive or not I am still happy to be living and hope the same for you.

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