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Have a F*ck Off Fund 


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March 12, 2020 Verity Johnson

What, I hear you ask, is a F*ck Off Fund? Well, a fuck off fund is basically exactly what it sounds like. It’s a stash of cold hard cash that means that when you need to F*ck Off out of somewhere, you can. It’s an idea that first surfaced a few years ago on a viral feminist essay, and it’s probably the most useful piece of advice I’ve ever been given. 

It’s based on the idea that underpinning everyone, but especially young women’s, freedom in life is the access to cash.

Whatever you feel about money, the big thing it does offer you is freedom when you need it. And so the F*ck Off Fund is just that. 

There’s a lot of stuff that can get really, nasty really quickly for women in the world. Especially in your first working years when you’re still trying to establish your place in the world. Maybe you find yourself trapped in a dangerous relationship, or your flat mates make your life living hell, or your work isn’t doing anything about you being sexually harassed by your boss and you reallllly want to get the hell outta there...Basically there are so many times in a woman’s life when she needs to f*ck right off out of there. But the biggest block to this is money.

Hence why you make a F*ck Off Fund. Basically this is one to three months worth of your living expenses, designed to be kept in a bank account you can’t readily access (and therefore aren’t tempted to borrow from!) You siphon off a small amount each paycheck, build up your fund to 1 - 3 months of expenses, ABSOLUTELY DO NOT SPEND IT and then when you need to get can. 

And the key with the fund is to be disciplined about spending it. This is for emergencies. And it’s for your emergencies. No one else's. So don’t be tempted to lend it or spend it. It’s there expressly for when you need it. So you always have the freedom to lead the fabulous life you are entitled to. 

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