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Every human should feel empowered to pursue their dreams.


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April 17, 2020 Susanne Axelsson

When I was growing up my dad told me that girls can do anything, and this is something I wish every woman could hear today.

I believe that the inner desire to create change, and the external need for change, are linked - yet many of us (women) feel helpless because we are so entangled in the current systems and structures. Every human should feel empowered to pursue their dreams. It’s 2020 and we are still living in a society that is not 100% equal. There is no time to be patient for change, every single one of us needs to contribute to it.

Drive for equality is giving us all a chance to maximise the potential of each and every one of us, it’s about creating a society where we are all seen as capable leaders, entrepreneurs and parents, regardless of our gender. It’s an opportunity for all of us to progress and something that would benefit every human being, any workplace and any economy in the world.

Where there is change - there is opportunity to innovate.

A few years ago I started a podcast and for all the women I have interviewed I am amazed how they are all aware of the work that needs to be done and they are all great ambassadors for leading the change. These women are a true inspiration for me. They have convinced me that every single one of us can do something to generate more equality on all levels and that comes to not only women but men as well, in a way it all comes naturally to them as I wish it did to every human being. 

Below are some examples of tips of what you can do to support a more equal society on all levels:

As a human:

  • Challenge your thoughts, beliefs, norms and roles.
  • Women: take no s*it!
  • Address a growth mindset. Understand that things can change and you have the power to be part of it or lead that change.
  • Stand up for each other, family, friends, even strangers on the street. Everyone deserves to feel safe.
  • Read up! Understand that there are challenges even if they might not be visible in the world you live in, they exist and you can change them if you are aware of them.

As a manager and/or company owner:

  • Pay your employees equal no matter their gender. Women are underpaid and under-represented in managerial roles and will have to wait another 20 years to reach parity with men if we keep the same speed as we have done in recent years.
  • If you can hire a woman for a manager role hire a woman.
  • If you have a company board, make sure females are equally represented as men.
  • Understand the differences between men and women to make sure you can build a culture that supports both.
  • Offer a flexible work environment. A report shows that businesses that offered paid parental leave and flexible work arrangements are more likely to retain female workers.

As a parent:

  • Understand where you come from and how your background, and how you’ve been raised might affect your view on genders - challenge yourself and your beliefs.
  • Share responsibilities equally between both parents.
  • Don’t tell boys they need to harden up or girls they are pretty/cute - they can all be both, as well as boys can play with dolls and girls with cars.
  • Teach your child about gender equality - for example, read a book about strong girls.
  • Encourage your child when it shows kind and loving behavior.
  • Teach your child to show respect to their body and that they can say no if they don’t want a hug for example, as well as others, can say no and that we all need to respect that.

As a government:

  • Create laws that support women to be independent and our society to be more equal on all levels. For example, create support for women going back to work after having a baby. Make it illegal to pay men and women differently and create laws that support women in life-threatening situations (Family violence for example).
  • Showcase positive change made by women on all levels.


  • Make sure women and men are equally represented, for example, women sports can be as interesting as men sports, yet still they are under-represented in the media coverage.
  • Never make comments about a woman based on how they look.

No superheroes are needed here, just a willingness to change for the better.

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