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Lion’s Journey to the GenderTick


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March 03, 2020 Susanne Axelsson

Lion Co. won Gold at our Equal Pay Awards in 2017 and is one of the founding members of GenderTick. Robin Davies, the People and Culture Director at Lion Co. talked to us about the GenderTick.

GenderTick is an accreditation process that looks at key aspects of your culture, your policies and your procedures in relation to gender equality. It assesses you against international best practice and that work is performed by an independent expert. 

The GenderTick accreditation came at the end of what was over four years of work around many aspects of gender equality in our workplace.

Having the GenderTick gives us confidence and our people confidence that we're doing the right thing by them.

It's also given us a great opportunity to champion gender diversity more broadly across New Zealand, particularly as one of the founding members.

It’s affected our organisation in that our people know that we're providing a fair and inclusive workplace. It's just another piece of evidence that really supports that. We are proactive with talking about the GenderTick with people wanting to join Lion and it’s really positively received. They know the workplace that they are coming into and they know that they will be treated fairly here. 

Lion is committed to championing sociability and encouraging people to live well. To do this we need to ensure our people come to work each day feeling valued and supported to succeed and live well, both in their work environment and their broader lives. Fostering an inclusive and diverse company culture which reflects the world we live in is a major part of this. Gaining Gender Tick accreditation is an honour and supports us on our journey to becoming a fully inclusive and equal company, including achieving our 50:50 gender goal by 2026.


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