The five Criteria

Once a company knows where they stand on the assessment criteria from leadership to sexual harassment then they can come up with solutions on how to improveoutcomes are more important than inputs in the process. Every organisation is different and how they get to the right outcome differs, so we are not prescriptive about that. We simply measure whether you have achieved the right outcome. 

The five criteria:

  • They are a Gender Inclusive Culture
  • Safe Workplace
  • Flexible Work & Leave
  • Leadership Representation Equal Pay

Getting the GenderTick is not a one off, it’s an ongoing process of support and growth for your organisation and your people. 

Gender equality is often seen to be about women leaning in and women negotiating and women being more confident but this puts the onus on the individual to ‘fix’ their individual situation plus ‘fix’ it for all other women and genders. We believe gender equity needs to be shared equally. Many organisations we work with say having the GenerTick in place is a means to lean on something, it keeps the discussion objective and fair.

The GenderTick has worked with businesses that, collectively employ 100,000 people. Millennials are seeking out employers with a strong record on gender equity, with Gen Z following closely behind. And the #metoo movement has seen businesses, organisations and entire industries face up to their own responsibilities when it comes to gender from legal firms to tertiary institutions to the entertainment industry.

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