Periods should be shame free.

Yet many women in workplaces feel like they have to hide their periods. Let us change that.

Periods are a natural thing that happens to 50% of the world's population. Therefore we think period products should be provided at any workplace bathroom. It's the right and inclusive thing to do. 

Help us raise awareness and make periods shame free by:

  • Sharing your workplace period story on social using #ShameFreePeriods 

  • If you don’t want to share your story, share some of these videos instead. 


"Having period products at the workplace would make me feel like I am not a degenerate. Like I don't have to go home when I get my period unexpectedly at work."


"Having period products at my work would make me feel a lot more secure throughout the day. Often I don't know when my periods are going to start because I don't get regular periods."


"Having period products at my work would not make me scared. I would not be having to go around at work asking for a pad".


"Finding period products at my work would make me feel safe and comfortable and not terrified that I would bleed onto my work clothes and have to walk around with a cardigan wrapped around my waist."


"If I found period products at work it would make me feel less stressed, I would have anxiety trying to hunt someone down for an extra pad. Or I wouldn't have to worry about spending my last dollars on some pads".

How would you feel if there were period products provided at work?