The YWCA of Aotearoa New Zealand (YWCA of A/NZ) is a national organisation representing local YWCA Member Associations, where much of the important work on the ground takes place, and is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the YWCA movement in Aotearoa.

We are part of a global YWCA network spanning 120 countries, and core to our global movement is a commitment to good governance.  The YWCA is committed to promoting young women leaders, within the wider community of women. It is through intergenerational support and collaboration that we enable young women in New Zealand to gain leadership experience and skills at a governance level.

As an Affiliated Member Association of the World YWCA, the YWCA of A/NZ is guided by its strategic priorities: Young Women’s Leadership; Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and HIV; and Violence Against Women, and goals: Intergenerational Leadership; Women’s Rights; and Movement Building & Good Governance.

Core to our global movement is a commitment to good governance and young women’s representation in decision-making.  With a Constitutional requirement for 25% young women (aged 30 years or younger) on our board, we are committed to the promotion of young women leaders. You can read our Constitution here.