Y-Dub Retreat

Our next Y-Dub Retreat is based around building resilience for young women 13-18 years of age. We will be going away from the 7th - 9th October 2019. You MUST be able to be dropped off and picked up at the beginning and end of this retreat. The retreat has zero cost. Applications close 18th September and sections will be announced on the 23rd September.

If you would like to apply for this retreat please fill out the form below:

Youth Name *
Youth Name
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Youth Contact Number
Parent / Caregiver Name *
Parent / Caregiver Name
Parent / Caregiver Contact Number *
Parent / Caregiver Contact Number
Participant / Youth Agreement *
I agree that I will not use cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol while attending YWCA workshops or programmes or while on the YWCA Hamilton premises. I agree to be an active participants in the sessions and activities that I am attending. I will treat my leaders and fellow participants with respect each other, and what each other have to say. I agree to act in line with all requirements of the Health and Safety Act 2015. I agree that anything that is said in confidence to a leader or a participant will be treated in the context in which it was said and with confidentiality. I give permission to be added to the YWCA database / email list.
Parent / Caregiver Agreement *
We (the family/whanau/caregivers) understand that it is our responsibility to ensure that the participant arrives and is collected at the times stated before and after each programme. We (the family/whanau) understand that the participant will be transported to any required activities by a full licensed driver from the YWCA of Hamilton. We agree that if the participant acts in any violation to the rules stated YWCA will contact the person stated on this form and they will be responsible for the immediate collection of the participant. I give permission to be added to the YWCA database / email list.
Image Permissions *
I give permission for photos and videos to be taken, for the purpose of promoting YWCA at YWCA Hamilton’s discretion.
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