YWCA Hamilton runs several programmes for young women 13-18 years of age to enhance their life skills, self confidence, resilience and knowledge. All programmes for women under 18 year are FREE of charge .
We pride ourselves on running courses for young women by young women that are relevant and practical to our community.

Programmes Include:

Y-Dub Workshops:

YWCA Y-Dub Workshops are in-term after school workshops that are open for all young women. They are all about building young women’s skills and confidence so that they can go into the world with all the resources they need to thrive. Young women are able to form connections to others in their community and find a sense of belonging outside of their school environments.

These workshops change every term and include workshops like:

  • Budgeting Skills

  • How to Write a CV

  • Building Resilience and More.

Y-Dub Retreat

The YWCA Y-Dub Retreat is a camp for young women from diverse backgrounds, cultures and stories. The YWCA takes a limited number of young women away FREE of change for a short amount of time to connect and grow the group as a whole. The retreats have different themes such as teamwork or building resilience, so there is something that fits for everyone.

Participants are selected based on an application process.

Participating in Y-Dub Programmes connects young women to their community and to the future YWCA opportunities such as scholarships.


For Term 4’s Y-Dub Workshops

For Self Defence Classes