The YWCA of Hamilton is committed to empowering young women within the wider community of women to make positive choices in order to affect social change. We believe this goal is only attainable through proactive initiatives, which is why we make a commitment to young women’s leadership through training and support.

Programmes Overview

YWCA Hamilton, is proud to present Y-Dub Programmes!

Y-Dub Programmes are a huge contributor to young women in the Waikato, and are aimed at empowering women of all ages, ethnicity, shape and size!

Through Y-Dub Programmes we offer FREE and low-cost programmes to help the development of women all over the Waikato. These are a great way to develop your skills, meet new friends and make connections for your future.

But most importantly they’re about HAVING FUN!!!

Y- Dub Values & Motivate are both programmes run for young girls in high school from year 9-11. They are 8 weekly workshops held after school, during term 2 and 3. These programmes are designed to give the tools to improve self-esteem, confidence and self-awareness.

Arts and Craft
Positive Mental Health
Self Defence
AND much, much more


Y-Dub Programmes is also reaching out to female students, and young women in the Waikato for workshops that will be held at Waikato University, Wintec and here at the Y starting in 2018!

These programmes have all the little things that we miss out on learning, such as cooking and practical life skills. Here at YWCA we aim to teach you some new skills in an environment, which is not only fun, but accepting and tolerant.

Positive Mental Health / Stress
Healthy Cooking on a Budget
Self Defence


There are also some one off workshops that are held throughout the year, open to anyone for a small fee. Here we welcome every woman in the community to come along and find out what YWCA is about. This includes Self Defence sessions, Money Savvy courses and Career Y’s help.



As a result of our 2017 COGO survey of Women in the Waikato we will be launching some new programmes soon! Keep an eye out for new workshops, courses and community events on our Facebook and Instagram pages to find out what’s happening next!