The YWCA of Hamilton is currently reviewing the YWCA Young Women's Tertiary Education Scholarships and the YWCA Maori Women's Community Award.  We are not accepting Scholarship/Award applications in 2017.  

Anyone interested in learning more about the YWCA's various programmes and services should check out our website or YWCA of HamiltonNZ Facebook.  

We will update you in early 2018.



The YWCA of Hamilton’s Maori Women’s Award is to recognise, support and empower a Maori Woman who makes a significant contribution to the Maori community. The full award is $2,500 of which is half is to be donated to a community organisation that the recipient affiliates with.

Award recipients need to be:

  • Of Maori descent and a New Zealand Citizen,
  • Have made significant contribution to the community,
  • Have current involvement and networks in the Waikato community (particularly Maori communities and organisations),
  • A general “all rounder” with a wide range of skills and experiences,
  • Someone who would like to learn and grow,
  • Someone who would like to participate or who is already participating in governance at a community level,
  • Someone who would like the chance to be a part of a worldwide organisation that supports women to reach their potential.

The recipient fills a role as working member of the YWCA of Hamilton Board and is required to meet Award terms and conditions throughout her year. She must be a good representative of the YWCA’s philosophy and relate well to young women.


Applications are not currently open.

Download and complete the application.
Have a recent passport sized photo.

Email the application form and photo as attachments to, or post to: Hamilton YWCA, P O Box 1011, Hamilton 3240, or hand-deliver to the YWCA.


The YWCA of Hamilton’s Maori Women’s Community Award is $2,500 which is  payable in three (3) installments during the year of which half of each installment is donated to the community organisation. The Award holder is expected to promote and acknowledge the YWCA of Hamilton (and any fund supporters) and the Award.

She must commit to:

  • Contributing to the governance and purpose of the YWCA of Hamilton.  This may be in the form of, but is not limited to, participation in ten (10) monthly YWCA of Hamilton Board meetings and the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the YWCA of Aotearoa-New Zealand’s AGM and general meeting(s).
  • Attending at least two public speaking engagements, or other promotional activities as required.

The Award may be withdrawn and payment of all or part of the fund may be withheld and repayment may also be requested if the commitments above are not met.  (These conditions may be waived in the event of illness or other unforeseen event).

Congratulations to Maori Women's Community Award Holder 2016/17, Jamie Toko!

We welcome Jamie and the Western Community Centre to our organisation!