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Dunedin YWCA Angel Fund

The Dunedin YWCA Angel Fund is a micro credit loan fund which was set up in 1997 in response to the growing need for a women’s development fund in Dunedin. The aim of the Angel Fund is to assist women to gain financial independence and move into greater self reliance for themselves and their families through educational, business and personal development opportunities.

The Angel Fund is a pool of funds made up of:

  • Money donated by the women of Dunedin - the ‘Angels’
  • Grants and other donations made to the fund
  • Money that has been previously loaned and recovered, to be re-loaned

At this stage over 700 loans have been issued and upwards of $400,000 has circulated through the Angel Fund Loan process. The fund seeks to support women who are not able to access funding from conventional sources, usually due to insufficient income, lack of traditional forms of security or current debt encumbrance. Loans range from $100 – $2,500, with repayments from $10-$20/week.

The application process is user friendly. Applications are accessed individually and forms are filled out with the Angel Fund coordinator during an interview. Applicants are asked to bring a budget and clear plan to the interview.  Approximately 50% of enquiries become borrowers.  The coordinator works with those who do not fit Angel Fund criteria to access appropriate alternative support and assistance.

A key element of the Angel fund process is the ongoing support that borrowers receive from the coordinator.  The Dunedin YWCA is working towards developing additional support, training and mentoring programs for Dunedin women as part of the Angel Fund. The Angel Fund and greater YWCA networks also provide an opportunity for women to promote, support, and celebrate each others' ventures.