We are heading to YWCA World Council!


Every four years, member associations of the worldwide YWCA movement gather for World Council, the highest decision and policy-making body of the global movement of the YWCA. This year, the 29th World Council will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 17 to 22 November 2019. Between 300 and 500 delegates and observers from countries across the world will take part.

As well as being a governance meeting, World Council provides an opportunity for collective discernment of the global situation and how the YWCA can creatively and more effectively address global challenges. It offers a space for mutual learning and the sharing of stories, and to build community, nurture friendships and develop new leaders.

We are proud to announce that our delegation of Charlotte Muggeridge and Lucy Lloyd-Barker, co-presidents of YWCA Hamilton, have both been nominated for the World Board! Congratulations to you both; we wish you the very best of success and will look forward to hearing all the insights from World Council on your return!




Charlotte has been involved with the YWCA for the past two years, serving as a Board Member and now as Co-President of YWCA Hamilton. As a young woman, her dedication and passion to see equality for every women of New Zealand is inspiring, and she has made a significant impact within New Zealand’s wider women’s sector through academia, advocacy and policy reform.

Charlotte embodies the YWCA values and her empathy and compassion for others is reflected in the strategic conversations she leads. 

Charlotte shares:

I graduated from the University of Waikato in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts (Political Science) and a Bachelor of Laws. In 2018, I received my Masters in Political Science with first class honours. My thesis for this degree included the topic “Income Inequality, Voter Turnout and Employment in 2005-2014 Elections in New Zealand”. For my working career, I started at Waikato District Council in 2015 where I worked on local authority property matters. In 2017, I moved to McCaw Lewis Lawyers Ltd, where I am currently employed as a Senior Solicitor with my focus being local government and environmental law.

I have been a board member of YWCA Hamilton for two years and am currently Co-President. I have also been involved with National Council of Women for three years and I am currently President of the Hamilton Branch, a role I have held for more than two years. Through my work with NCW, I have contributed to submissions to central government on issues that affect women, including: Abortion Law reform, mental health and addiction, Earthquake Commission bill, Employment (Pay Equity and Equal Pay) bill, and the Fertility Services Standard. This has allowed me to have knowledge of issues that are affecting women.

My vision for young women is to enable them to excel in any area they desire. To feel no barriers and be supported in the decisions they may make. For their voice to be heard and not fall on ears that believe ‘she will grow out of it’. To create a pathway for future young women, to move the rocks and pebbles that currently block young women from being successful.

My vision for the World YWCA board should I be elected is to encourage, empower and support women to feel safe and communicate their ideas in their community. To create and promote opportunities that are accessible to 100 million young women, whether that be in their local communities or a virtual hub they can reach. To have the World YWCA as an education tool women can refer to and use. I also see the World YWCA creating a sustainable future for national branches. I will use my skills and voice from a New Zealand perspective to assist in creating sustainable policies, strategies and programmes for the World YWCA that will offer inclusiveness of all women, regardless of race or class, and harbour a safe space for development.



Lucy has served actively in the YWCA, as an Operations Manager and a Deputy CEO of a member association, and currently as Co-President of YWCA Hamilton. Lucy’s strong leadership skills have been influential in her work within the YWCA and the industries she has worked in, and her commitment to the YWCA has seen her contribute significantly through her management and governance roles to provide strategic direction and vision to achieve change for young women within her communities. Being aware of the challenges faced by all women, especially young women globally, inspires Lucy to join with others to address these issues.

Lucy embraces diversity in all aspects of her involvement with the YWCA and seeks opportunities to ensure all women have the opportunity to be heard and to be supported. Her qualifications are as diverse at the women she seeks to support: Diploma in Business Administration (UK), Business and Life Coach, NZ Business Mentor, Prince2 Project Management – Practitioner, Acupuncture Practitioner/Tutor (Shanghai), Health and Fitness Instructor/Tutor, National Certificate in Adult Education and Training – L4, Health and Safety Representative, Pre-Hospital Emergency Care, Counsellor. 

She is a board member of the UltraForce Group – International Recruitment and Consultancy (Health and Leisure industries), First Chair of Women in Recreation – Recreation Leaders NZ, Co-President of Hamilton YWCA NZ, and Advisor to New Lives Animal Rescue Charity (NZ) board. 

Lucy shares:

I believe the diversity of industries and roles I have experienced will help me support and drive a global strategic view to transform power structures for all women. My international exposure from living and working in UK, Europe, Russia, Sri Lanka and New Zealand has given me an understanding of challenges faced across many cultures and countries by women. The key skills I would contribute to World YWCA are strong leadership, management, strategy, HR, communications and education.

My vision for young women focuses on empowerment, freedom, equality and a core belief that we can do anything we set our hearts and minds to; helping women to take those first steps, to find information needed to make change and provide relevant support through education and advocacy. Those we support become our new ambassadors for all women.

My vision for the World YWCA movement for the next four years is creating greater visibility through higher profile advocacy for the work of World YWCA and therefore every member association. Our history of achieving change can be used to drive our strategic vision of transformative leadership, human rights and sustainability of the movement. Collaboration can be explored to gain greater reach and increased outcomes. I look forward to reviewing the strategy outcomes to date (due to end 2019) so the next four years can be clearly mapped out, ready to further our support and celebration of all women.

My objective is to learn more of the achievements and challenges to date, understand the detail, focus and drive from those already leading the global movement, and agree how best to contribute to and collaborate for the success of our strategy and the forward focus for all YWCAs; to set clear goals, map actions and make outcomes happen. Leading from the heart, using knowledge and nimble planning to shape and measure the strategic goal of success for all women.

Charlotte muggeridge & lucy lloyd-barker - 2019 world ywca board nominees for aotearoa new zealand

Charlotte muggeridge & lucy lloyd-barker - 2019 world ywca board nominees for aotearoa new zealand