Spotlight: YWCA Auckland

The Auckland YWCA are now thought leaders in the fight for Equal Pay, linking NGOs and businesses.

Words by Monica Briggs — CEO, YWCA Auckland


Back in 2012, there was a funny synchronicity. We were talking to a creative agency and to a business focus group and we were thinking a lot about how to reach more women. We all jumped in and the result was our Demand Equal Pay campaign.

It aroused massive interest in the media and the public and this surprised us. We realised that people were really confused about what constituted the pay gap in New Zealand. That’s why we started the Equal Pay Awards. We wanted to encourage businesses so that women can have a lifetime of fair earnings.

2017 Equal pay awards

2017 Equal pay awards

That was just three years ago and the general public weren’t nearly as aware as they are now. The feedback we used to get was that women thought their grans had fought for it back in the 1970’s and sorted it all out — wishful thinking! Men didn’t believe it to be a problem either. Businesses weren’t examining their pay data through a gender lens and so the cycle of unfair pay continued.

We need to ensure that positive shifts occur for the hard working women of Aoteroa. Businesses need to take the lead.

You can read more about #eqALL and the Equal Pay Awards on Auckland YWCA's website.