Spotlight: YWCA Christchurch

Christchurch YWCA provides emergency and transitional housing to women and children in a property owned by the Christchurch City Council.

Words by Jean Barr — President YWCA Christchurch

There are so many ways that women can fall through the gaps and end up needing emergency housing. They might find themselves thrown out a er a marriage goes south; have a partner’s will contested; have a bad credit rating; or be coming out of prison.

In Christchurch, we are one of the only facilities where women and children can stay together as a family unit. We only offer emergency and transitional accommodation with the wrap around services because that is something no one else offers and where we see the greatest need.

Women in desperate situations have often suffered extreme gender disadvantage throughout their lives. Our goal is to give them the space, security, safety, and services to support them finding independence. Every woman, with or without children, needs a strong foundation before going out into the world.

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